the deep well

by inle elni

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Waldhalla Chris
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Waldhalla Chris Worth listening and grabbing this piece of dark acoustic folk. I also like amara's art. Hopefully there will be a physical release in the future. Enchanting. Thank you guys! Favorite track: solace.
Josh Gregory
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Josh Gregory Folk music on the darker side. More appealing to people with a darker more realistic perspective on life, civilization, and the world as we currently now know it. Favorite track: the well.
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recorded at tiny telephone with jacob winik.
mastered at chicago mastering services by matthew barnhart.
art work by amara hollowbones.

"My friends Inle elni just released an AMAZING record called The Deep Well. Listen to it, it makes me cry and laugh. These folks make very full, meaningful sounds with few acoustic instruments and a paired down set up, really poetic and catchy song writing with unconventional structures, haunting 3 part harmonies, and more. For me, the content captures the urgency as well as the timelessness and presence of the struggles we face in this time and place on our earth, and through that captures the imminent beauty as well. Fucking good shit." -Mars Goetia


released May 27, 2015

burl wood - vocals, guitar
jesse james briar birdcall - vocals, banjo
taylore - vocals, accordion



all rights reserved


inle elni California

thank you for listening to our music! it is important to us.
any money we make from this album goes into paying for the recording, making cds and maybe even vinyl and also supports amara's art. thank you!

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Track Name: old hands, hollow bones
do you hear the oaks call
with your knees to the ground
gathering promises
with little shells of brown

blistered hands
fire’s keeper
the memories are
somewhere deeper

body frail
heart still holding
the courage take
your path is chosen

i am your blood and i will sing, i’ll sing to you
across the dark waters
as you take your place in the sky

you are my blood and you will sing, you’ll sing to me
across the dark waters
from your place with the stars

we are one at the festival of friends
in the winds
and on our knees
Track Name: windshadows
in the woods. i found. i found you smiling, from behind those fallen logs that you've been talking to.

ask me what it's like to die. to give in.

death is just a breath.

an inhalation.

of life.
Track Name: the well
I called out to the west,
all the water fell down...
on the prairies, and highways
on the ocean, ships that sail
on the mountains, through gravel caves
on the rocks and lichen
and again, and again, and again
nothing lasts long,
but the grass grew so tall
everything comes down
and the wind moves mounds
drop the stones into the ocean
the well, the well
from the highest cliffs to climb
fall, fall
Track Name: solace
in the moments i awake
in the moments a breath i take
of solace
in my body the pain stays
in my voice my breath a way
to solace

a cry from the river bed
under the dark to break
the cycle of calm alarm

there's a warning sign outside the door, rise a shut it out. balance broke. the heart attack. cancer marks the throat.

there is no plan to fall back on.
there is no plan to fall.